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6th Neurological Disorders Summit

June 21-23, 2021 | Virtual Conference

Time: 07:00 AM New York, NY, USA (GMT-4) (Eastern Daylight Time)
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(7thEdition, In-person)

Date: July 18-20, 2022

Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport, CA, USA

"We welcome you to the 6th Neurological Disorders Summit(Virtual) on June 21-23, 2021."

  • The summit will provide a unique opportunity to neuroscientists and physicians to share their research and experiences with the leaders in their fields. The program includes keynote speeches from internationally renowned scientists. Each of these speakers helped to shape the modern concepts of neuroscience. In addition, there will be sessions for oral and poster presentations. Presentations in these sessions will provide an overview of the cutting-edge technologies being used to address difficult therapeutic and theoretical issues in neuroscience.
  • NDS-2021 is unique in its approach of encouraging a dialogue between the basic and clinical scientists. We expect to have these dialogues both during scientific sessions and networking time. We hope to make the summit particularly educational and inspiring for young scientists who will get an opportunity to interact with leading experts.
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Best of NDS

Poster Competition

Best poster awards for students will be given at the conference and the winners will be announced on the last day of the conference.
Winner will be chosen based on the visual appearance of the poster, clarity of concepts presented, audience engagement, technology advances and implications of the work presented.

Best Posters

Organizing Committee Members

Rajendra Badgaiyan

Rajendra Badgaiyan

University of Texas Health
San Antonio, USA
Kenneth Blum

Kenneth Blum

Western University College of Medicine
Jin Jun Luo

Jin Jun Luo

Temple University
Giulio Maria Pasinetti

Giulio Maria Pasinetti

Icahn School of Medicine

Report on the 5th Neurological Disorders Summit (NDS-2019)

5th Neurological Disorders Summit (NDS-2019) was held at Four Points by Sheraton, Los Angeles, CA, USA from July 18-20, 2019, organized by United Scientific Group, a nonprofit organization. This three-day conference had gathered 114 participants from 31 countries; had 64 oral presentations and 38 poster presentations on a wide variety of topics on Neurological Disorders and the related fields. Here are the highlights of some topics in the Summit.

The keynote session on Day 1 started with the talk of Stephen Grossberg (Boston University, Boston, MA, USA) on “Normal and Abnormal Spatial, Temporal, and Category Learning and Memory Consolidation: Multiple Roles of the Hippocampus”. Grossberg discussed a self-contained summary of neural models of normal and abnormal learning and memory consolidation in which the hippocampus plays an important role. Stephen D. Miller (Northwestern University, IL, USA) talked on “Opposing Roles of Peripherally-Derived γδT Cells and Tregs in Epilepsy Pathogenesis”, suggesting an autoimmune component to chronic epilepsy and the potential use of immunomodulatory therapies for disease therapy. Rajendra D. Badgaiyan (South Texas Veteran Health Care System, TX, USA) elaborated “Study of Neuropathology of Neurological Disorders: Novel approach” by using the single scan dynamic molecular imaging technique to detect, map and measure neurotransmitters in the live human brain. Kalpna Gupta (University of Minnesota Medical School, MN, USA) talked on “Mast Cells and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Contribute to Cerebrovascular Pathobiology” hypothesizing in a sickle microenvironment, mediators derived from activated mast cells stimulate endothelial P-selectin expression via endoplasmic reticulum stress leading to increased blood brain barrier permeability. Kenneth Blum (Western University Health Sciences, CA, USA) studied “Precision Behavioral Management (PBM®) of Reward Deficiency Syndrome, the Construct that Underpins All Addictive Behaviors” introducing development of PBM and potential clinical applications. Jin Jun Luo (Temple University, PA, USA) talked on “The shadow of vitamin and health”, discussing the importance of balanced diet with naturally adequate vitamins and stated that the belief of “the more the better” for taking a vitamin may not be true in this regard.

We look forward to having your active contribution and support for the success of NDS-2021.


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Figure 1: NDS-2019 Attendees by Profession

Figure 2: NDS-2019 Country Wise Participation

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